School Starting Again, What holds for 2014 and future development.


School starts soon for me, Thursday to be exact. So that means I will be posting a bit more since I’m not in the off-season (I’ve been developing a lot with Unity and playing a lot of SimCity 5).

2014 for will be a big year. I plan to release some exclusive games here. I plan to make a T-Shirt store. I plan to do a lot. Anyway here’s some dot points about some of the most exciting stuff.

  • Exclusive Games
  • T-Shirt Store
  • Unity Tutorials
  • LFS (Linux From Scratch)
  • VirtualBox
  • And Much, Much More

Now, I’m not great with “ideas” for games. Give me a topic and genre (not too hard) and I may attempt to make it (no promises, its not easy).


Bye Bye 2013, Hello 2014


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