So in the past day or 2 I have been working on the official forums. There going great. There is a “Forum” page that redirects you to the forums. It is currently under construction so it is not accessible. It will be ready soon!


School Starting Again, What holds for 2014 and future development.


School starts soon for me, Thursday to be exact. So that means I will be posting a bit more since I’m not in the off-season (I’ve been developing a lot with Unity and playing a lot of SimCity 5).

2014 for will be a big year. I plan to release some exclusive games here. I plan to make a T-Shirt store. I plan to do a lot. Anyway here’s some dot points about some of the most exciting stuff.

  • Exclusive Games
  • T-Shirt Store
  • Unity Tutorials
  • LFS (Linux From Scratch)
  • VirtualBox
  • And Much, Much More

Now, I’m not great with “ideas” for games. Give me a topic and genre (not too hard) and I may attempt to make it (no promises, its not easy).


Bye Bye 2013, Hello 2014


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Funny Memes #1

So I will be uploading funny memes every now and then.
3 per post.

School Captain and JSC President

Hey guys,

Laddsy here.

Just letting you all know that I was elected school captain for 2014 at my school. and lachie (Hamstring) was also elected something. He was elected the Junior School Council (JSC) or as some call it the Student Representatives Council (SRC) President. Remember to check out my blog in the blogroll.

Cya – Will (Laddsy)

Hamstring Explains: Why do you need to Safely Remove Hardware?

Windows bugs you Safely remove your USB sticks and other drives.

Why does windows do this?

When you Safely Remove your USB stick it makes sure no data is been written to the drive then tells you it is safe to eject. Well, its a bit more complicated but I wont go it to full detail.

When you don’t Safely Remove your USB stick Windows just can’t see it anymore. This is usually alright but if for some unapparent reason your Windows was writing data to this USB stick it could cause damage to your data. The chance of that has dropped increasingly over the past years because of the new systems that manufacturers are adding to help protect that data. Some USB Sticks have LED lights that flash when data is been written.

Overall if your not copying files over to your USB stick you don’t need to Safely Remove USB sticks although it is a good precautionary move.


Cant afford Windows, Try a free, open source linux distro.

Sometimes Windows is just too expensive when building a custom pc, It will set you back $100. How about a free, open source linux distro.



Ubuntu is by far the most popular operating system. It is very lightweight and simple.

Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux is a small linux distro that can fit on a 256mb usb stick and works well on older components.


Mint Linux is a good, colourful linux distro.


Fedora is a nice lightweight distro.

Many, many more

There a thousands out there. Find yours!



For your inner geek

iPad VS Android

Are you looking for a new tablet? Have you seen the cheap androids, but not sure whether its for you? Let us here help you.



Less restrictive

NFC (Tell you about that in the future)

Cheap, Very cheap.

Google Play


Hard for people with no idea.

Not as many apps

Different than anything else.



Easy to use


App Store

Very secure


Harder to jailbreak/unlock

Not as good for advanced users

More restrictive


What are you buying?

Let me know in the comments below |



– Hamstring

For the geek inside you.


Beginner Geek: How does programs work?

Programs are filled with millions of lines of code. Code must be coded by a developer who has learnt a programming language. For example; this webpage is made in HTML and JavaScript. For programs they use some different languages like Java, C++, C# and Python to name a few.I can code I Batch (old DOS language), Java and HTML.


– Hamstring